Guidelines for Campers


You are guests at the Hawkstone Park Motocross Circuit.  Please show respect to the land, hedgerows and livestock, as we would like to be able to use these fields again in future for camping and parking at our events.

The landowners ask that you do not approach their livestock, and they will not be held responsible for any injuries, if you do so. 

The riding of motorcycles, scooters, mini bikes, and quads is strictly forbidden on the camping field, car park, track and paddock area. Anyone found doing so, will be asked to leave the site.

Dogs must be on a lead at all times.

No camp or open fires.

Due to fire regulations at this event. Can all competitors & teams, traders, Catering & Campers please ensure that you have your Fire extinguishers at hand for inspection in your designated areas whilst on site in case of an emergency. Not buried underneath items in your vehicles.
All music and generators must be switched off by 11 pm.

Please use chemical waste points only (situated by the toilets in the international paddock), for emptying your portable toilets, and not the portaloos or hedgerows. Do not empty your waste water on the lane as you leave, as this causes a major problem with our neighbours.

Make sure your cars, caravans and campers are locked when you leave, as we cannot be held responsible for any loss, theft or damage to your property. 

When you go home, please leave your area as you found it LITTER FREE!

Drive slowly and courteously down the country lanes to the main roads, otherwise we will get complaints from our neighbours!